Interfacial structures of linear-dendritic co-polymer/surfactant mixtures

  • Wuge H Briscoe (Contributor)
  • Richard A. Campbell (Contributor)
  • Meng Cheng (Contributor)
  • Elizabeth C Mould (Contributor)
  • Christian Redeker (Contributor)
  • Eric Robles (Contributor)
  • Anna Slastanova (Contributor)
  • Tim Snow (Contributor)



Linear-dendritic polymers possess a unique macromolecular architecture, combining the steric hindrance tuneable by tailoring the dendritic block and the entanglement of the linear block. As part of a UK EPSRC Case Award jointly funded by Proctor & Gamble (P&G), here we propose the first comprehensive NR study of interface structures resulting from the interactions between an anionic surfactant (SDS) and a linear-dendritic system comprising amphiphilic PEO-lysine co-polymer at the air-water interface. The unique experimental setup suited for such air-water interfacial structural characterisation at FIGARO will be used. By correlating polymer molecular architecture, molecular weight, and surfactant concentration with its interfacial structure, we will gain a fundamental understanding of the interactions involved, which underpin their untapped potential in a vast array of applications where thin film stability facilitated by polymer-surfactant mixtures plays a critical role.
Date made available29 Jul 2020
PublisherInstitut Laue-Langevin
Date of data production17 Jun 2015 - 6 Aug 2015

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