Malawi probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) using the Malawi Seismogenic Source Model (MSSM). Supplementary Files v1.1

  • Jack Williams (University of Otago) (Creator)
  • Max Werner (Creator)
  • Katsuichiro Goda (Creator)
  • Raffaele De Risi (Creator)
  • Luke Wedmore (Creator)
  • Juliet J Biggs (Creator)
  • Hassan Mdala (Creator)
  • Zuze Dulanya (Creator)
  • Ake Fagereng (Creator)
  • Felix Mphepo (Creator)
  • Patrick Chindandali (Creator)



Updated (October 2022) version of supplementary files for running probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) MATLAB codes for Malawi. The PSHA codes themselves (v1.0) are available at: the most recent version will be available on GitHub at: Note the variables stored here are not stored on GitHub due to the file size.

Includes both input files for performing PSHA and output ground motions for plotting PSHA results.

Files are:

malawi_Vs30_active.txt: Input USGS slope-based Vs30 values for Malawi (Wald and Allen 2007)EQCAT_comb.mat: MSSM Direct catalog for all possible rupture weightings (stored as MATLAB variable)GM_MSSM_em_20221027: Ground motions for plotting PSHA maps (stored as MATLAB variable)GM_MSSM_20221021.mat: Ground motions needed for plotting PSHA-site analysis figures (stored as MATLAB variable)mssm_comb.mat: Matlab file for combined MSSM Direct and Adapted MSSM catalogs (stored as MATLAB variable)MSSM_Catalog_Adapted_em.mat: Adapated MSSM event catalog (stored as MATLAB variable)syncat_bg.mat: Areal source stochastic event catalog (stored as MATLAB variable)

Further descriptions of these files and how to use them are provided on Github. A preprint describing the PSHA is available at: 

Williams, J. N., Werner, M. J., Goda. K., Wedmore, L. N., De Risi R., Biggs, J., Mdala, H., Dulanya, Z., Fagereng, Å., Chindandali, P.,  Mphepo, F. (2022) Fault-based probabilistic seismic hazard analysis in regions with low strain rates and a thick seismogenic layer: a case study from Malawi.

Please reference this publication along with this repository when using these data. When appropriate, we will update the citation to the manuscript.

USGS vs30 value compilation described in:

Allen, T. I., and Wald, D. J., 2009, On the use of high-resolution topographic data as a proxy for seismic site conditions (Vs30), Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 99, no. 2A, 935-943.

Date made available31 Oct 2022

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