Microclimate dataset of the SAFE project landscape

  • Tommaso Jucker (Creator)
  • Stephen R Hardwick (Creator)
  • Sabine Both (Creator)
  • Dafydd M O Elias (Creator)
  • Robert M Ewers (Creator)
  • David T Milodowski (Creator)
  • Elise S Saager (Creator)
  • Takuya Iwamura (Creator)
  • Tom W Swinfield (Creator)
  • David A Coomes (Creator)



Daily projections of mean and maximum temperature and vapour pressure deficit (VPD) across the SAFE landscape in Borneo, Malaysia. Data was used to model the number of yearly life-cycle completions (LCC/year) of the disease vector Aedes Albopictus in order to study the impact of deforestation for oil palm plantation on microclimate-driven vector suitability. Dataset contains stacked raster files with a 50-meter grid cell resolution (n = 145,214 grid cells, equivalent to approximately 363 km2). Microclimate data were projected using LiDAR-derived DEM, CHM and point cloud-derived metrics, combined with microclimatic data from dataloggers, as inputs (see associated doi for more information: Jucker et al (2018)). Date range: 2013-05-01 to 2015-03-01 Latitudinal extent: 4.5000 to 5.0700 Longitudinal extent: 116.7500 to 117.8200
Date made available2023

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