Model data archive for a model-data intercomparison of the Eocene-Oligocene transition

  • David K Hutchinson (University of New South Wales) (Creator)
  • Helen Katherine Coxall (Creator)
  • Dan Lunt (Creator)
  • Margret Steinthorsdottir (Creator)
  • Agatha M De Boer (Creator)
  • Michiel L J Baatsen (Creator)
  • Anna S von der Heydt (Creator)
  • Matthew Huber (Creator)
  • Alan T Kennedy-Asser (Creator)
  • Lutz Kunzmann (Creator)
  • Jean-Baptiste Ladant (Creator)
  • Caroline H Lear (Creator)
  • Karolin Moraweck (Creator)
  • Paul N Pearson (Creator)
  • Emanuela Piga (Creator)
  • Matthew J Pound (Creator)
  • Ulrich Salzmann (Creator)
  • Howie D Scher (Creator)
  • Willem P Sijp (Creator)
  • Kasia K Śliwińska (Creator)
  • Paul A Wilson (Creator)
  • Zongshi Zhang (Creator)



This data package contains data used for an model-data intercomparison originally published in: D. K. Hutchinson, H. K. Coxall, D. J. Lunt, M. Steinthorsdottir, A. M. de Boer, M. Baatsen, A. von der Heydt, M. Huber, A. T. Kennedy-Asser, L. Kunzmann, J.-B. Ladant, C. H. Lear, K. Moraweck, P. N. Pearson, E. Piga, M. J. Pound, U. Salzmann, H. D. Scher, W. P. Sijp, K. K. Śliwińska, P. A. Wilson, and Z. Zhang, 2021: The Eocene-Oligocene transition: a review of marine and terrestrial proxy data, models and model-data comparisons, Climate of the Past, 17, 269-315. These data are also used in a further model-data intercomparison of Antarctic temperatures: Emily Tibbett, Natalie J Burls, David K. Hutchinson, Sarah J Feakins, (2023), Proxy-Model Comparison for the Eocene-Oligocene Transition in Southern High Latitudes, Paleoceanography and Paleocliamtology, In Review. Pre-print avaiable from: The package contains surface air temperature and sea surface temperature from an ensemble of model simulations of the Eocene-Oligocene transition. These data are provided at annual and monthly frequency. They are also provided on the original model grid, and an interpolated common grid used for the intercomparison. (The common grid is based on the HadCM3BL model grid.) All data are provided in NETCDF format with self-describing variable names. The name and explanation of the interpolated data files are contained in: table_of_experiments.xlsx Please read that spreadsheet to interpret the filenames, and see Table 2 (p291) of Hutchinson et al (2021) for experiment descriptions. Please also be mindful to cite the original authors of the simulations when using these data, whose work made this dataset possible. The appropriate citations are listed below: Reference DOI link Baatsen et al (2020) Goldner et al (2014) Ladant et al (2014a,b) Hutchinson et al (2018, 2019) Kennedy et al (2015) Zhang et al (2012, 2014) Sijp et al (2009)
Date made available2023

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