Nabro volcano event catalogue from Lapins et al., 2021, JGR Solid Earth, V1.0



Catalogue of seismic events from Nabro volcano (Sep 2011 - Oct 2012). Data format is a csv file.

Events were detected by U-GPD phase arrival picking model. See following paper for details on event detection and location procedure: <em>A Little Data Goes A Long Way Way: Automating Seismic Phase Arrival Picking at Nabro Volcano With Transfer Learning</em> by Lapins et al., 2021,

Original seismic waveforms are from the Nabro Urgency Array (Hammond et al., 2011;, which is publicly available through IRIS Data Services ( See Hammond et al. (2011) for further details on waveform data access and availability.

Full code to reproduce our U-GPD transfer learning model, perform model training, run the U-GPD model over continuous sections of data and use model picks to locate events in NonLinLoc (Lomax et al., 2000) are available at, with the release (v1.0.0) associated with this study also archived and available through Zenodo (Lapins, 2021;


Dataset column key:

time = Origin time of seismic event (UTC)

lat = Hypocentre latitude in decimal degrees

lon = Hypocentre longitude in decimal degrees

depth = Hypocentre depth in km

rms = RMS error for phase arrival picks and hypocentre (sec)

erh = Estimate of horizontal Gaussian error (km)

erz = Estimate of vertical Gaussian error (km)

azgap = Azimuthal gap (maximum angle separating two adjacent seismic stations, measured from earthquake epicentre)

cluster = HDBSCAN cluster number (see Chapter 6 of Lapins, 2021 doctoral thesis: <em>Detecting and characterising seismicity associated with volcanic and magmatic processes through deep learning and the continuous wavelet transform</em>. Persistent URL:

nab*_p_time = P-wave arrival time for station NAB* (UTC)

nab*_p_prob = Maximum detection 'probability' around P-wave phase arrival from U-GPD model (between 0 and 1)

nab*_s_time = S-wave arrival time for station NAB* (UTC)

nab*_s_prob = Maximum detection 'probability' around S-wave phase arrival from U-GPD model (between 0 and 1)

Date made available5 Dec 2022

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