NH-SWE: Northern Hemisphere Snow Water Equivalent dataset based on in-situ snow depth time series and the regionalisation of the ΔSNOW model

  • Adrià Fontrodona-Bach (Creator)
  • Bettina Schaefli (Creator)
  • Ross A Woods (Creator)
  • Adriaan J Teuling (Creator)
  • Joshua R Larsen (Creator)



Time series of daily Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) and Snow Density over the Northern Hemisphere, based on in-situ station observations of snow depth converted to SWE using the ΔSNOW model (Winkler et al., 2021) and regionalised parameters. An extensive description of the dataset and the method to generate it can be found in the data descriptor manuscript that has been submitted to the journal Earth System Science Data. Dataset: A total of 11,0071 time series of modelled SWE and estimated snow density at the point scale, spanning 1950-2022, at daily resolution. "NH-SWE_dataset_MAP.png" shows a Northern Hemisphere map with the location of all stations in the NH-SWE dataset and their elevation in meters. Files: The dataset is provided in two different formats: Individual .csv files for each station in the NH-SWE dataset at "NH_SWE_dataset_vector_files.zip" Full-dataset .csv matrices with dates as rows and NH-SWE stations as columns at "NH_SWE_dataset_matrix_files.zip" Metadata: "NH_SWE_METADATA.csv" Includes information on NH-SWE stations location (ID, country, station name, coordinates, elevation), data source, length of time series, model parameters and the climate variables used to estimate them, and average snow climatology such as average maximum snow depth, average peak SWE and average maximum snow cover duration. More details and units in the "README_fileformats.txt" file. ΔSNOW model parameter regionalisation: The code to obtain the ΔSNOW model parameters based on climate variables for all the stations in the NH-SWE dataset is shared in "DeltaSNOW_parameter_regionalisation.zip". The method is extensively described in the data descriptor manuscript by Fontrodona-Bach et al., (2023) submitted to Earth System Science Data. More details in the "README_regionalisation.txt" file. Data use: Free, provided adequate citation of both the data descriptor manuscript and the zenodo record. See "README_datausage.txt" Version history: v1: Initial upload. The ΔSNOW model regionalisation was missing. v2: Manuscript submission version. Updated dataset and includes the ΔSNOW model regionalisation code.
Date made available9 Jan 2023

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