Non-planar (3,6)-sparse graphs with various apex properties

  • Georg Grasegger (Creator)
  • Sean Dewar (Creator)
  • Eleftherios Kastis (Creator)
  • Anthony Nixon (Creator)
  • Brigitte Servatius (Creator)



In this data set we provide the list of non-planar connected (3-6)sparse graphs with different apex properties. A graph is (3,6)-sparse if if for every subset of n vertices, with at least 3 elements, the number of edges in the subgraph induced by these elements is at most 3n − 6. We call a graph apex if there is a vertex whose deletion gives a planar graph. A graph is critically apex if the deletion of every single vertex yields a planar graph. Similarly (critically) edge-apex graphs are defined with the deletion of edges. Furthermore, k-apex and k-edge-apex graphs are defined by deleting k vertices or edges. The data set provides graphs in Graph6 data format.
Date made available2024

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