PanAfrican2019 Video Annotations



This public and freely available dataset contains a PyTorch code section for the SCM and TCM deep learning network components, an annotation dataset for video object detection in the PanAfrican2019 video dataset, and the detailed split of the videos into training/validation/test portions. The dataset is used in the ICCVW2019 paper "Great Ape Detection in Challenging Jungle Camera Trap Footage via Attention-Based Spatial and Temporal Feature Blending". Note that this dataset does not contain the video data itself, which is held by the PanAfrican Programme. Full details of the contents are provided in the readme.txt file.
Date made available28 Jan 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • Deep Learning
  • Video Annotation
  • Computer Vision
  • Animal Biometrics

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