This dataset corresponds to the publication "Prey can detect predators via electroreception in air" by England & Robert, published in PNAS in 2024. It contains data on the net electrostatic charges of common wasps (Vespula vulgaris) and three species of caterpillar (Aglais io, Tyria jacobaeae, & Telochurus recens). It also contains behavioural data for each of these caterpillar species, showing that they respond defensively to the electric field of their predators. Lastly, it contains laser Doppler vibrometry data for Tyria jacobaeae, & Telochurus recens, showing that the setae respond mechanically to electric fields at the frequency of their predators' wingbeats, and that they have an electromechanical resonance around this frequency. The data for each experiment are held in separate .csv files, that can be accessed using R, Microsoft Excel, or any other software capable of interpreting comma-separated value text files.
Date made available29 Apr 2024
PublisherMendeley Data

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