Processed line aeromagnetic data over Coats Land, including the region of three tributaries of Slessor Glacier, East Antarctica (2001/02 season)

  • Fausto Ferraccioli (Creator)
  • Jonathan L Bamber (Contributor)
  • Ian Joughin (Creator)
  • Tony Shepherd (Contributor)
  • David Rippin (Contributor)
  • Martin Siegert (Contributor)
  • David G Vaughan (Creator)



During the austral summer of 2001/02 five thousand line kilometres of airborne radio echo sounding and aeromagnetic data were collected in the region of three tributaries of Slessor Glacier, East Antarctica, which drains into the Filchner Ice Shelf. We present here the processed line aeromagnetic data acquired using scintrex cesium magnetometers mounted on the BAS aerogeophysical equipped Twin Otter. Data are provided as XYZ ASCII line data. Data were colected as part of UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) grant GR3/AFI2/65,CLAFI aeromagnetic data is shown in Shepherd et al. (2006) along with further details on survey design and processing. Data available here includes all channels from raw through to microlevelled, products. Channel naming follows SCAR/ADMAP2 data release protocols, although the order of processing steps differs from that outlined by ADMAP2 documentation. Note in the database split by line the sections are defined as follows L= main survey grid lines, T=main survey tie lines, S=long transits, D=turns, P=Line sections between turns. Magnetic data channels and processing flow: Note that CLAFI processing work flow is ordered differently to ADMAP2 protocols, but naming conventions, compensations and corrections are adhered to. MagR- Raw magnetic total field intensity data (nT). TCorr- Tiptank corrections (nT). These include DC shifts and gradients due to aircraft noice, etc. Dummy values if not applicable. MagTCorr- Raw magnetic data corrected/cleaned for obvious tip tank events or anomalous spikes (nT). MagTC- Raw magnetic data corrected for tiptank events and low pass filtered at a cutoff wavelength of 5 fiducials to account for noise introduced by aircraft roll, pitch and yaw. (nT) Filtering applied instead of a designated compensation. BCorr- Low pass filtered (10 minute) magnetic base station correction. MagBTC- Filtered magnetic data corrected for tiptank events and base station measured geomagnetic field variations. (nT) MagBTC= MagTC- BCorr RefField- Geomagnetic reference field value for which the magnetic data has been compensated. IGRF model 2000 as implemented in Geosoft (nT). MagBRTC- Filtered magnetic value adjusted for tip tank, base station and the geomagnetic reference field variability. (nT) MagBRTC= MagBTC- RefField. ACorr- Additional correction applied to compensate for heading errors. SCorr- Any DC shift applied. MagF- Final mag value before levelling. (nT) MagL- Statistically levelled mag data. (nT) MagML- Microlevelled magnetic data following technique of (Ferraccioli et al., 1998). (nT) Note tie lines are not included in the microlevelled data channel. Basic Channels Line_no Line Number Flight ID Sequential flight number x x projected meters * y y projected meters * Lon Longitude WGS 1984, Lat Latitude WGS 1984, Height_WGS1984 Aircraft altitude (meters) in WGS 1984, Date Date of flight in time format e.g. 2006/01/08 Time Time (UTC) of flight e.g. 23:52:42.0 *Projected coordinates (x and y) are in Lambert conic conformal with two standard parallels defined as follows: Latitude of false origin: -74.018118 Longitude of false origin: 179 Latitude of 1st standard parallel -72.66666666667 Latitude of 2nd standard parallel -75.33333333333 False easting 1444000 False northing 1123000,No values for Scorr.,
Date made available3 Dec 2019
PublisherBritish Antarctic Survey


  • Aerogeophysical
  • Aeromagnetics
  • Antarctic

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