PSCI 2013 extended **superseded by 10.5523/bris.3epws48ek1oyb217so2fzwr3cv**



**This data set has been superseded by DOI: 10.5523/bris.3epws48ek1oyb217so2fzwr3cv**

Extended data set for the study reported in Lewandowsky, S., Oberauer, K., & Gignac, G. E. (2013). NASA faked the moon landing—therefore (climate) science is a hoax: An anatomy of the motivated rejection of science. Psychological Science, 24, 622-633. (DOI: 10.1177/0956797612457686).

Most of the variable names are as explained in Table 2 in the article (see pdf that is part of this deposit). In addition, the data set contains variables mentioned in the online supplement, such as the satisfaction with life scale (variables LifeIdeal, LifeExcellent, LifeSatis, LifeGotIt, LifeNoChange). It additionally contains an item (IraqNot4WMD: “The Iraq War in 2003 was launched for reasons other than to remove Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD from Iraq”) that is explained in prior research (Lewandowsky, S., Stritzke, W. G. K., Oberauer, K., & Morales, M., 2005, Memory for fact, fiction, and misinformation: The Iraq War 2003. Psychological Science, 16, 190-195.)
Date made available23 Sept 2015
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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