Rainbow colour maps remain widely used in the geosciences



This dataset is the result of a systematic survey of scientific publication to investigate the extent to which rainbow colour maps are used in geoscience publications. Papers were surveyed from five journals - Earth System Dynamics (ESD), Geophysical Research Letters (GRL), Ocean Science (OS), Solid Earth (SE) and The Cryosphere (TC) - for the years 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020. The final data set includes the pre-existing Stoelzle and Stein (2021) survey data for HESS, which is independently available at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5145746 (Stoelzle, 2021). All papers (n=2638) were classified according to the type of colour encoding used. year = year of publication (YYYY) title = full paper title authors = list of authors seperated by semi-colon n_authors = number of authors col_code = color-issue classification (see below) volume = Journal volume start_page = first page of paper (where available) end_page = last page of paper (where available) base_url = url to access the paper on the journal website filename = file name of the PDF version of the paper Color classification is stored in the col_code variable with: 0 = Colour visualisations with no colour issues 1 = At least one visualisation with red-green issues 2 = At least one visualisation with a rainbow colour map bw = Black and white paper
Date made available2021

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