RMTable Consolidated Catalog of Faraday Rotation Measures of Astronomical Radio Sources, v1.1.0

  • Cameron L. Van Eck (Creator)
  • Bryan M. Gaensler (Creator)
  • Sebastian Hutschenreuter (Creator)
  • Jack Livingston (Creator)
  • Yik Ki Ma (Creator)
  • Christopher J. Riseley (Creator)
  • Alec J.M. Thomson (Creator)
  • Björn Adebahr (Creator)
  • Aritra Basu (Creator)
  • Mark Birkenshaw (Creator)
  • Torsten A. Enßlin (Creator)
  • G. Heald (Creator)
  • Sui Ann Mao (Creator)
  • Naomi M. McClure-Griffiths (Creator)



This is a catalog of Faraday rotation measures (and other related properties) of astronomical radio sources, consolidated from many published catalogs in the astronomical literature from 1980 to the present day. These catalogs have been converted to the RMTable standard and stored in 3 formats: FITS binary table, tab-seperated-value ASCII, and VOTable XML. These catalog files can be read by any suitable reader, but we have created a Python module, RMTable (https://github.com/CIRADA-Tools/RMTable), which streamlines the process of interacting with and creating new RMTables.
Date made available23 Jun 2022

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