School culture and mental health; a qualitative study in UK secondary schools



Undertaken in three English secondary schools, the participatory action research (PAR) intervention involves bringing together a small group of students and school staff, facilitated by an external mental health practitioner, to develop a shared understanding of the culture in their own school, and identify changes to school culture that might impact student mental health.

Across three schools, 27 school staff participated in an interview for the study. Staff interviewed included members of the senior leadership teams, teaching staff, learning and support assistants, pastoral support staff, and staff with particular responsibility for the Year group which was taking part in PAR in each school. The parent sample was comprised of seven parents of students in the relevant year groups across the three schools (5 mothers, 2 fathers).

Focus groups were held with students from each of the participating year groups across the three schools. 26 students took part across the four groups.
Date made available24 Sep 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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