Sea ice thickness and snow depth in Baffin Bay (March 2003-2020)

  • Isolde Glissenaar (Creator)
  • Jack Landy (Data Manager)



This dataset contains gridded sea ice thickness derived from satellite altimetry in Baffin Bay for March for the period 2003-2020. The sea ice thickness was derived from freeboard using three snow depth products (the Warren climatology (Warren et al., 1999), passive microwave snow depth (Markus and Cavalieri, 1989), and SnowModel-LG (Liston et al., 2020)), two snow density products (the Warren climatology (Warren et al., 1999) and SnowModel-LG (Liston et al., 2020)), and three snow redistribution methods (no redistribution, sigmoidal redistribution (Kwok and Cunningham, 2008) and piecewise redistribution (Petty et al., 2020)). This dataset includes sea ice thickness estimations from all combinations of these products. The passive microwave snow depth dataset is also included.
Date made available24 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bristol
  • Baffin Bay sea ice thickness

    Glissenaar, I. A.


    Project: Research

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