Seismic noise interferometry and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): measuring the firn layer S-velocity structure on Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica

  • Wen Zhou (Creator)
  • Antony C Butcher (Creator)
  • Alex M Brisbourne (Creator)
  • Sofia-Katerina Kufner (Creator)
  • Michael Kendall (Creator)
  • Anna Stork (Silixa Ltd.) (Creator)



This dataset contains files including continuous DAS and geophone data and a refracted P wave travel time data collected on Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica. The seismic data is used to perform seismic noise interferometry. The travel time data is used to perform refraction inversion to get the P wave velocity profile.

1. 7 hours of continuous DAS data (100 Hz sampling): 2020-01-14T00:00:19.598000Zoffset_****.mseed, with offset referring to the distance from the DAS channel to the interrogator.

2. Corresponding 7 hours of vertical component continuous geophone (A000, located at DAS channel offset 570 m) data.

3. Refraction P wave travel time from a geophone array refraction survey.
Date made available14 Sept 2022

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