Shortlist of soil-based greenhouse gas removal practices selected following consideration of biophysical, economic and social impacts

  • A Sykes (Creator)
  • Sylvia H Vetter (Creator)
  • M. Aitkenhead (Creator)
  • M. Dondini (Creator)
  • V Eory (Creator)
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  • B Rees (Creator)
  • S Sohi (Creator)
  • Mathew Williams (Creator)
  • A Williams (Creator)
  • L. Wollenberg (Creator)
  • Pete Smith (Creator)
  • Sylvia H Vetter (Contributor)



The provided data presents a list of greenhouse gas removal practices for soil organic carbon sequestration, which are suitable under biophysical, economic and social consideration. The list is the result of the first step in analysing the potential of agricultural soils to sequester carbon globally and is part of the NERC funded project Soils-R-GGREAT (NE/P019455/1). The work is based on literature research and expert panel and judgements. The work was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NE/P019455/1)
Date made available6 Oct 2022
PublisherNERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
Geospatial polygon-90.0, 180.0, 90.0, -180.0

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