Simulated distribution of the fluid salinity, Cu and temperature in a sub-volcanic region

  • Jon Blundy (Contributor)
  • Andrey Afanasyev (Contributor)
  • Oleg Melnik (Contributor)
  • Brian Tattitch (Contributor)
  • R S J Sparks (Contributor)
  • Alison C Rust (Contributor)
  • Ivan Utkin (Contributor)



The files brinelens.00.vtu, brinelens.01.vtu,... contain the simulated distributions of the fluid bulk salinity (a), the Cu concentration in fluid for the 'no sulfur' case (b), the Cu concenration in fluid for the 'sulfur unlimited' case (c), the Cu deposition for the 'sulfur unlimited' case (d), and the temperature (e) at t=0 yr, 10000 yr, 20000 yr,..., respectively. The distributions shown in Fig. 6a-e are in brinelens.10.vtu. The file brinelens.csv contains the simulated time evolution of the total mass of dissolved and precipitated Cu. These data are plotted in Fig. 7.,These data were obtained by numerical modelling of the Cu transport and deposition for a given distributions of fluid velocity, temperature and salinity previously published in Afanasyev et al. (2018).,The files brinelens.00.vtu, brinelens.01.vtu, ... can be opened and processed in ParaView ( The file brinelens.csv can be opened and processed in any software that can read csv files (e.g. Microsoft Excel).,
Date made available20 Jun 2020

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