Support Data to "Interface flexibility controls the nucleation and growth of supramolecular networks"

  • Vincenzo Caroprese (Creator)
  • Cem Tekin (Creator)
  • Veronika Cencen (Creator)
  • Maartje Bastings (Contributor)
  • Georg Fantner (Contributor)
  • Tanniemola B Liverpool (Contributor)
  • Dek N Woolfson (Contributor)
  • Majid Mosayebi (Contributor)
  • Navid Asmari Saadabad (Contributor)



Overview This repository contains the inputs and support data for the publication "Interface Flexibility Controls the Nucleation and Growth of Supramolecular Networks," which is currently under review in Nature Chemistry. Folder Structure Each subfolder is named after the primary method used to obtain the data. The internal structure may vary depending on whether it was more convenient to organize the data by the figure they were used for or by the structures analyzed. Each folder includes a detailed file providing further information.
Date made available11 Jun 2024

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