Supporting data for "Charging Poly(methyl Methacrylate) Latexes in Nonpolar Solvents: Effect of Particle Concentration" (Langmuir, doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b02257)

  • Gregory Smith (Creator)
  • Silvia Ahualli (Creator)
  • Ángel V. Delgado (Creator)
  • David A J Gillespie (Creator)
  • Roger Kemp (Creator)
  • Jocelyn Peach (Creator)
  • Jonathan C Pegg (Creator)
  • Sarah E Rogers (Science and Technologies Facilities Council) (Creator)
  • Olga Shebanova (Creator)
  • Nathan Smith (Creator)
  • Julian Eastoe (Creator)



Raw data:

- Electrophoretic mobilities as a function of particle concentration (Volume fraction phi [unitless, volume per volume], mu [m^2/(V s)], error mu [m^2/(V s]).

- Small-angle neutron scattering curves (Q [1/Å], I(Q) [1/cm], error I(Q) [1/cm]).

- Small-angle X-ray scattering curves (Q [1/Å], I(Q) [unitless, instrument intensity divided by fit scale]).
Date made available13 Nov 2017

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