The effect of attention on body size adaptation and body dissatisfaction



This study included three experiments investigating the effect of attention on body size adaptation and body dissatisfaction. Participants (n = 370 women in total) were trained to attend towards either high or low fat body stimuli, using a modified dot probe task. We manipulated the experimental setting (online versus face to face) and the stimulus-onset asynchrony of the dot probe task (500ms versus 100ms). For each experiment, we analysed the effect of the attention training on: 1) attention to subsequently-presented high versus low fat body stimuli, 2) visual adaptation to body size, and 3) body dissatisfaction. We did not obtain informed consent to share the participant data; therefore, we have not included our original data sheet in this deposit. However, we have included a synthetic data sheet created from our original data sheet.
Date made available20 Oct 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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