Tobacco and electronic cigarette cues for smoking and vaping: an online experimental study



This online study examined the impact on smoking and vaping craving of exposure to smoking (i.e., tobacco cigarette), vaping (i.e., cigalike and tank system device), or neutral cues. Participants (n=1120 recruited, n=936 for analysis) included UK adult current or former smokers who either vaped or did not vape. They were randomised to view one of four cue videos. The primary outcome was urge to smoke; secondary outcomes were urge to vape, desire to smoke and vape, as well as intention to quit smoking or remain abstinent from smoking. We found no evidence that exposure to videos of smoking or vaping cued smoking urges, and no evidence of interaction effects between cue exposure and smoking and vaping status. The study highlights the potential limitations of using an online setting for assessing craving. The study protocol was preregistered on the Open Science Framework:
Date made available20 Dec 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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