Universality in Ant Behaviour

  • Ana Sendova-Franks (Creator)
  • Kim Christensen (Creator)
  • Nigel Franks (Creator)



This dataset comprises 101 plain text files each containing the track data for one of the individual ants studied in the paper. The name of each file starts with the colony number (C1 to C3), the size of nest (small:35x28 mm or large: 55x44 mm) and the consecutive number of the individual ant for a colony and nest size.

The ant track-data in each file are organised in three columns:

Column 1: Time in seconds (absolute time) and is therefore comparable accorss ants.
Column 2: x-coordinate in mm.
Column 3: y-coordinate in mm.

The centre of the nest exit is located at (0.5* xmax, ymax).
Date made available3 Nov 2014
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • animal behaviour
  • universality
  • systems biology
  • social systems
  • collective behaviour
  • social organisation
  • social insect
  • mathematical physics
  • behaviour
  • dynamical system
  • ant
  • controlled experiment
  • complex system
  • movement
  • Universality in ant behaviour

    Christensen, K., Papavassiliou, D., de Figueiredo, A., Franks, N. R. & Sendova-Franks, A. B., 6 Jan 2015, In: Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 12, 102, p. 20140985

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

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