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Academic Respiratory Unit

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The Academic Respiratory Unit carries out research into lung inflammation, which is usually an appropriate and protective response in the lung in many situations. However, if this process occurs inappropriately, is excessive or uncontrolled, lung damage may occur leading to many forms of lung disease.

This process is normally controlled by a network of chemicals known as 'cytokines' and part of our research looks at the way in which these interactions occur and how they may be abnormal in patients with scarring lung disease. The understanding of these regulatory processes will help in the design of effective treatments.

The Academic Respiratory Unit is funded by charitable, private and government organisations and has received funding over the years from the British Lung Foundation, The Sir Jules Thorne Charitable Trust, Action Medical Research, The Wellcome Trust and The Medical Research Council.

We also rely on donations from the public, which helps to employ research staff during gaps in funding and also to supplement our consumable resources.

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Second Floor
Learning and Research
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB
United Kingdom