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Bristol Dental School

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The Bristol Dental School has evolved a strong interdisciplinary research culture with productive interfacing of clinical dentistry and basic scientific research. The research laboratories are all in near proximity to clinical facilities (patient clinics, PCU and clinical trials) thus promoting synergy between basic and clinical sciences research. Research in the School is funded by a wide range of providers including Research Councils, Charities, Overseas Government, Department of Health/NIHR and Industry. The international quality of our research is recognized by a 5* ranking in RAE2000, and a 4th equal ranking overall in the RAE2008 Dentistry Unit of Assessment.

Research in the School is managed under three autonomous research programmes:

  • Applied Clinical and Materials Sciences (ACMS)
  • Infection and Immunology (IAI)
  • Lifecourse Epidemiology and Population Oral Health (LEPOH)

These programmes have evolved to cover many aspects of modern health sciences research and involve collaborations with colleagues in other Departments, Schools and Faculties. With a strong international reputation, and a mix of clinical and basic scientists, the School is at the forefront of fundamental and translational dental research.

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