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Bristol Glaciology Centre

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Ice sheet processes

Dealing with the measurement and modelling of large ice sheets, such as in Antarctica, and assessing how they interact with, and change, global climate both now and in the past.

Subglacial environments

Concerning the exploration of the underside of ice sheets and glaciers, such as Antarctic subglacial lakes, investigating the biogeochemical processes which occur there, and assessing the records of past climate change that accumulate in these environments.

Biogeochemistry of cold environments

  • Greening of retreating glaciers: storage versus export of autochthonous organic matter 
  • Automated biogeochemical sensing of icy ecosystems
  • Biogenic production of climatic amplifiers under ice 
  • Impact of iceberg sediment release to the Southern Ocean to CO2 drawdown
  • Direct measurement and sampling of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth: a multidisciplinary investigation of life in extreme environments and ice sheet history
  • Cryo-Egg: enabling wireless communications for a deep subglacial application

Ice sheet dynamics

  • Antarctic ice mass fluxes from satellite observations
  • Understanding contemporary change in the West Antarctic ice sheet
  • National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) climate and cryosphere themes
  • Joint Climate Research Programme (JCRP)
  • Ice2Sea
  • Estimating and reducing the uncertainty in the future behaviour of the Greenland Ice Sheet

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