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Research Output


Synchronising groups of threads with dedicated hardware logic

May, D., 24 Feb 2015, Patent No. US 8,966,488

Research output: Patent


Interface processor

May, D., 10 Jul 2012, IPC No. G06F 9/00 9/30, Patent No. US8219789

Research output: Patent

Processor communication tokens

May, D., 17 Jun 2012, IPC No. G06F 15/16, Patent No. US8224884

Research output: Patent

Processor instruction set for controlling threads to respond to events

May, D., 22 May 2012, IPC No. G06F 9/40, Patent No. US8185722

Research output: Patent

Token protocol

May, D., 20 Mar 2012, IPC No. H04L 12/403, Patent No. US8139601

Research output: Patent


Message routing scheme

May, D., 14 Jun 2011, IPC No. G06F 15/00, Patent No. US7962717

Research output: Patent

Processor with memory access stage adapted to fetch an instruction of a thread when no memory access operation is detected

May, D., 7 Jun 2011, IPC No. G06F 9/30 9/40 13/00 13/28 3/00, Patent No. US7958333

Research output: Patent


Compact instruction set encoding

May, D., 9 Mar 2010, IPC No. G06F 9/00, Patent No. US7676653

Research output: Patent

Shape memory polymer actuator and methods for control

Takashima, K., Rossiter, JM., Mukai, T., Kaku, S. & Hashimoto, K., 2010, Patent No. 2010-011102

Research output: Patent

Tube Anchor Assembly

Levy, A., 21 Oct 2010, Patent No. GB1017792.1

Research output: Patent


Resuming thread to service ready port transferring data externally at different clock rate than internal circuitry of a processor

May, D., Hedinger, P. & Dixon, A., 3 Nov 2009, IPC No. G06F 13/14, Patent No. US7613909

Research output: Patent

Scheduling thread upon ready signal set when port transfers data on trigger time activation

May, D., Hedinger, P. & Dixon, A., 10 Nov 2009, IPC No. G06F 13/00, Patent No. US7617386

Research output: Patent



Levy, A., 2008, Patent No. GB0814968.4 and PCT/GB2009/001993

Research output: Patent


Arbitrary Shape and Linear Motion Transducers and Manufacturing Methods

Rossiter, J. M. & Stoimenov, B., Jan 2007, Patent No. P2007-7482

Research output: Patent


A Multi-stable Structure and Methods for its Design and Actuation

Rossiter, J. M., Stoimenov, B. & Mukai, T., Sep 2006, Patent No. P2006-238417

Research output: Patent


Tactile Sensor using only Matrix of Light Emitting Diodes

Rossiter, J. M. & Mukai, T., Sep 2005, Patent No. P2005-256071

Research output: Patent