Centre for Academic Primary Care

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Discharge of Care Orders – a National Study

Staines, J. C., Garside, L. B. E., Roy, J., Masson, J. M. & Macdonald, G.


Project: Research

Health Optimisation (Getting Fit for Surgery) Evaluation

Palmer, C. K., Owens, L., Owen-Smith, A. L., Kipping, R. R., Mclaughlin, J. C., Reynolds, R., Redwood, S. M., Jago, R., Scott, L. J. & Hill, L.


Project: Research

EBI Digital Health Strand

Craddock, I. J. & Yardley, L.


Project: Research

Rapid diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection in Primary Healthcare

Drake, M. J., Micciche, A., Lovering, A., Hayward, G., Jeays-Ward, K., Jacobson, S. K., Hay, A. D., Kiely, J., Luxton, R., Langley, J., McCarthy, A., Skews, R. & Yang, Y.


Project: Research


Wilson, R. C., Turner, A. J., Butters, O., Gaye, A., Murtagh, M. J., Murtagh, B. P. P., Burton, P. R., Minion, J. T., Isaeva, J., Ferretti, V., Marcon, Y., Parley, N. R. & Avraam, D.

1/07/13 → …

Project: Research


Gaye, A., Burton, P. R., Minion, J. T., Murtagh, M. J., Butters, O., Wilson, R. C., Murtagh, B. P. P., Turner, A. J., Jones, J. R. & Atkinson, S.

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Project: Research

ECOUTER: Employing COnceptual schema for policy and Translation Engagement in Research

Murtagh, M. J., Minion, J. T., Wilson, R. C., Ochieng, C. A., Gourna, E., Butters, O., Turner, A. J., Murtagh, B. P. P. & Roberts, S. J.

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Project: Research

Improving the Communication of the Chief Medical Officer's Physical Activity Guidelines

Nobles, J., Farr, M. C., Redwood, S. M., Brangan, E., Trinder-Widdess, Z., Jago, R., Foster, C. E. M., Davies, R. L., Gibson, A. & Banks-Gross, Z.


Project: Research

CPMW: Classical Polytheism and Modern Wellbeing

Lampe, K. W., Wood, P., Voss, A. & De Salis, I. O. C.


Project: Other

OH-STAR: One Health Selection and Transmission of Antimicrobial Resistance

Avison, M. B., Gould, V. C., Wright, E. F., Schubert, H., Findlay, J., Hammond, A., Morley, C., Reyher, K. K., Barrett, D. C., Cogan, T. A., Tasker, S., Turner, K. M. E., Hay, A. D., May, M. T. & Macgowan, A. P.


Project: Research

NIHR Senior Investigator

Salisbury, C.


Project: Research

VEGA: VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance and Action) Project

Lewis, N., Szilassy, E., Howarth, E., Feder, G. S., Wathen, C. N. & Macmillan, H. L.


Project: Research