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Department of Civil Engineering

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Our multi-disciplinary research addresses the global need for delivering long-term, sustainable performance of existing and new infrastructure systems.

We are leaders in modelling and managing the impacts of extreme natural and human hazards, such as

  • earthquakes
  • climate change
  • flooding
  • industrial processes
  • traffic
  • crowds
  • We are also leading an international effort towards improving water quality in developing countries.

Our application studies range in scale from complete national and regional systems, such as

  • flood catchments
  • hydro-powerwater
  • electricity
  • transport networks

through individual artefacts, such as

  • nuclear facilities
  • dams
  • long-span bridges
  • buildings
  • low-cost water quality monitoring devices.

All our research groups collaborate widely with academic and industrial partners from across the engineering, science and social science disciplines, and from around the world.

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