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Department of Religion and Theology

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The department's distinctive research profile is dedicated to excellence in the study of Buddhism and Judaeo-Christian studies. Within these traditions, our work encompasses four areas:

  • First is textual studies: here, our Department focuses on the historical significance and analysis, as well as the editing and translation of, key religious texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Esther, Abhidhammatthavibhavini, Genesis, gospel homilies, medieval and Reformation theological texts, contemporary Buddhist sermons (Sinhala) and Tibetan love poetry.
  • Second is philosophical and theological investigation of concepts such as sin, Incarnation, Trinity, meditation, consciousness, and afterlife.
  • Third is the investigation of religious practice as reflected in festivals, funerary rites, monastic life and preaching.
  • Fourth is inter-religious dialogue.

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