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  • Data from: Reconstructing Asian faunal introductions to eastern Africa from multi-proxy biomolecular and archaeological datasets

    Prendergast, M. E. (Contributor), Buckley, M. (Contributor), Crowther, A. (Contributor), Eager, H. (Contributor), Frantz, L. (Contributor), Lebrasseur, O. (Contributor), Hutterer, R. (Contributor), Hulme-Beaman, A. (Contributor), Van Neer, W. (Contributor), Douka, K. (Contributor), Veall, M. (Contributor), Quintana Morales, E. M. (Contributor), Schuenemann, V. J. (Contributor), Reiter, E. (Contributor), Allen, R. (Contributor), Dimopoulos, E. A. (Contributor), Helm, R. M. (Contributor), Shipton, C. (Contributor), Mwebi, O. (Contributor), Denys, C. (Contributor), Horton, M. (Contributor), Wynne-Jones, S. (Contributor), Fleisher, J. (Contributor), Radimilahy, C. (Contributor), Wright, H. (Contributor), Searle, J. B. (Contributor), Krause, J. (Contributor), Larson, G. (Contributor) & Boivin, N. L. (Contributor), Dryad, 25 Jul 2018