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Data from Transnational Mod Languages (09-2018)

Burdett, C. (Creator) & Pirozzi, C. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 18 Sep 2018


A Buddhist Cosmology in Food

Langer, R. E. M. (Creator), Kampylis, S. (Contributor), Ghassemi, A. (Contributor), Frude, L. D. (Creator) & Andrikopoulos, K. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 19 Jun 2015


Caring for the Beyond Two Buddhist Festivals for the Deceased

Langer, R. E. M. (Data Manager), Langer, R. E. M. (Creator), Kourilsky, G. (Contributor) & Ladwig, P. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 14 Jun 2013


TEI/XML from the Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England project (10-2018)

Jones, M. A. (Creator), Verweij, S. J. (Creator), Millstone, N. (Creator), Bell, R. (Creator), Anker, V. (Creator) & Wales, T. (Creator), University of Bristol, 8 Oct 2018


French in Russia

Offord, D. C. (Creator), Argent, G. (Creator) & Rjéoutski, V. (Creator), University of Bristol, 7 Nov 2017