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PURE-LET denoising code

Tigaret, C. (Creator), Atherton, L. (Creator), Shaikh, N. (Creator), Chamberlain, S. (Creator), Griffith, T. J. O. (Creator), Ruivo, L. T. G. (Creator), Sadowski, J. (Creator), Olivo, V. (Creator), Betterton, R. (Creator) & Mellor, J. R. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 5 Jun 2013


Hirschberg pTYF-PRS-EGFP-2a-PSAM5HT3

Hirschberg, S. (Creator), Pickering, A. (Creator), Li, Y. (Contributor) & Pickering, A. E. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 27 Jun 2017


Genome-wide association study of facial emotion recognition in children and association with polygenic risk for mental health disorders

Munafo, M. R. (Creator), Coleman, J. (Creator), Reed, Z. E. (Creator), Lester, K. (Contributor), Keers, R. (Contributor), Breen, G. (Contributor) & Eley, T. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 4 Nov 2019


Cell paintballing using optically targeted coacervate microdroplets

Armstrong, J. (Creator), Green, T. (Creator), Burke, M. (Creator), Perriman, A. W. (Creator), Jakimowicz, M. (Creator), Carter, B. (Creator) & Deller, R. (Creator), University of Bristol, 30 Jul 2015


Electron microscopy 3DR of T3SS needle tip complex

Kato, T. (Creator), Blocker, A. (Creator), Makino, F. (Creator), Cheung, M. (Creator) & Fernando, V. (Creator), University of Bristol, 29 Oct 2014


Data from Perriman Group (07-2019)

Perriman, A. W. (Creator), Carter, B. (Creator), Zampetakis, I. (Creator), Zhang, W. (Creator), Cuahtecontzi Delint, R. (Creator), Klemperer, R. G. (Creator), Day, G. J. (Creator), Richardson, T. (Creator), Hickton, B. R. (Creator) & Coe, D. (Creator), University of Bristol, 11 Jul 2019


The impact of selection on non-alcoholic vs alcoholic drink availability: an online experiment

Blackwell, A. K. M. (Creator), De-Loyde, K. J. (Creator), Hollands, G. (Creator), Morris, R. (Creator), Brocklebank, L. A. (Creator), Maynard, O. M. (Creator), Fletcher, P. (Creator), Marteau, T. (Creator) & Munafo, M. R. (Creator), University of Bristol, 5 Mar 2020


The Outfit Choice Task as a novel method for measuring body dissatisfaction in women with eating disorders and healthy controls

Munafo, M. R. (Creator), Bould, H. E. (Creator), Broome, M. (Creator), Park, R. (Creator), Noonan, K. (Creator), Penton-Voak, I. S. (Creator), Woods, A. (Creator) & Harmer, C. (Creator), University of Bristol, 13 Jan 2020


Data from Blackwell et al. - Newly discovered tilapia cichlid fish biodiversity threatened by hybridization with non-native species

Genner, M. J. (Contributor), Blackwell, T. (Creator), Ford, A. (Creator), Ciezarek, A. (Creator), Bradbeer, S. (Creator), Juarez, C. G. (Creator), Ngatunga, B. (Creator), Shechonge, A. (Creator), Tamatamah, R. (Creator), Etherington, G. (Creator), Haerty, W. (Creator), Palma, F. D. (Creator) & Turner, G. (Creator), University of Bristol, 11 Feb 2020