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Genome-wide meta-analysis of cotinine levels in cigarette smokers identifies locus at 4q13.2

Ware, J. (Creator), Ware, J. (Contributor), Consortium, C. (Contributor) & Munafo, M. R. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 16 Nov 2015


Data from Percolation-based LOQC (10-2017)

Morley-Short, M. S. (Creator) & Cable, H. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 6 Oct 2017


Surface Tension Chem Sci (2015) Paper

Marsh, A. (Creator), Song, Y. C. (Creator), Willoughby, R. (Creator), Cotterell, M. I. (Creator), Haddrell, A. E. (Creator), Rovelli, G. (Creator), Marshall, F. (Creator), Miles, R. E. H. (Creator), Reid, J. P. (Creator) & Rickards, A. (Creator), University of Bristol, 1 Oct 2015


No impact of calorie or unit information on ad libitum alcohol consumption

Munafo, M. R. (Creator), Maynard, O. M. (Creator), Langfield, T. (Contributor), Allen, E. (Contributor), Votier, A. (Contributor), Attwood, A. S. (Contributor) & Drew, I. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 6 Sep 2017


Photonic simulation of molecular vibrations

Laing, A. (Creator), Maraviglia, N. (Creator), Sparrow, C. (Creator) & Neville, A. (Creator), University of Bristol, 6 Jun 2018


Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: BrCN photolysis in PFCs

Grubb, M. (Creator), Orr-Ewing, A. J. (Creator), Marroux, H. (Creator), Coulter, P. (Creator) & Ashfold, M. N. R. (Creator), University of Bristol, 12 Jul 2016