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Fundamental Bioscience

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Our research is driven by a commitment to fundamental studies of the molecular processes that form the basis of life. We place a particular emphasis on the quantitative analysis of biomolecular mechanisms such that these systems can be harnessed and modified in a predictive manner. Our work exploits both in vitro and in vivo systems to fully understand human health and disease, and to initiate development of diagnostics and effective therapeutics.

Core strengths include: temporal and mechanistic studies of enzyme systems; DNA-protein interactions; membrane function including membrane protein folding, transporters and receptors; and the cellular dynamics by which membrane contents are delivered, assembled and recycled. Although fully coherent in itself, much of our research also informs, and is further developed by, surrounding research and clinical activity within Bristol, including University-wide thematic areas of neuroscience, cardiovascular research, cancer, regenerative medicine, infection and immunity, and synthetic biology.

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Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research
Royal Fort House
United Kingdom
  • Phone: 00 44 117 428 4012