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Infection and Immunity

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The Infection and Immunity Research Network (I&I) studies the immune system in health and illness and the cause, spread, treatment and prevention of infectious disease. Our research stretches from emerging infections, that can be spread around the world by modern travel or by environmental change, to chronic inflammatory conditions that consume the resources of first-world economies. We study resistance to antimicrobial treatment, the development of effective vaccination and the potential social implications of these public health measures (e.g. MMR). More than half of childhood deaths worldwide are due to an infectious cause; disorders of the immune system like allergy and autoimmunity are increasing rapidly in the ‌developed world and the immune system is increasingly being manipulated to optimise organ transplantation and to control cancer. Our research seeks to provide solutions with immediate relevance to modern demands. 

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Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research
Royal Fort House
United Kingdom
  • Phone: 00 44 117 428 4012