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The budget value is 100%

Ayres, S. A.


Project: Research

The Personal Tutoring Project

Alberts, N., Moule, S. K. & Lart, R. A.


Project: Research

NutriPROGRAM: NutriPro for MRC

Sharp, G. C. & Johnson, L.


Project: Research

Wealth, education and retirement trajectories in aged knowledge economies of Japan and the UK

Izuhara, M., Flynn, M., Iwata, S., Yamada, A. & Hamaaki, J.


Project: Research

Health Optimisation (Getting Fit for Surgery) Evaluation

Palmer, C. K., Owens, L., Owen-Smith, A. L., Kipping, R. R., Mclaughlin, J. C., Reynolds, R., Redwood, S. M., Jago, R., Scott, L. J. & Hill, L.


Project: Research

Turning the Tide

Selwyn, J.


Project: Research


Watson, D. L.

30/08/17 → …

Project: Research

ESRC Evidence Centre via Glasgow

Marsh, A. D.


Project: Research

Wiltshire Council Obesity Strategy Group

Papadaki, A.

1/03/16 → …

Project: Consultancy

BoNEE: Bristol Network for Equality in Early Years Health & Wellbeing

Lucas, P. J., Williams, J., Bain, S. E., Watson, D. L., Walls, K. L., Waylen, A. E., Jessica, W., Sally, J., Sandy, J. R., Rhian, L., Cameron, A. M., Johnson, L., Kipping, R. R., Ingram, J. C., Sally, D. & Condon, L.


Project: Research

Early ACTID : Early Activity In Diabetes

Cooper, A. R., Andrews, R. C., Dayan, C. M., Sharp, D. J., Peters, T. & Montgomery, A. A.

1/06/04 → …

Project: Research

Not started

8121 MR/V004174/1 MRC Research Grant, Bai Li

Li, B.


Project: Research