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School of Geographical Sciences

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Geography is an extraordinarily rich and diverse discipline that brings together the physical and human dimensions of our world, shedding light - through a unique combination of mathematicians, physical scientists, life scientists, social scientists and humanities scholars - on some of the most important challenges facing society. Bristol's School of Geographical Sciences is a major international centre for the development and delivery of geographical research and scholarship, the only Geography department in the country to come in the top category across every RAE that has been undertaken since 1986.

Building on Bristol's long standing reputation for theoretical and methodological innovation, human geographers are moving into new areas such as geographies of knowledge and political economic geographies, and providing evidence for important policy impacts in finance, elections and health. Physical geographers lead research in Earth system science, producing new environmental data and novel numerical models for academic and applied contexts, and deploying expertise in evaluating models using large-scale datasets.

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