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Solid Mechanics

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Solid mechanics is about understanding the way engineering materials respond to loading to improve the efficiency and safety of structures. The Solid Mechanics group has a long tradition of undertaking industrially motivated research which studies how materials behave when they are subjected to thermal and mechanical loads. The group has expertise in both metallic and non-metallic materials and undertakes research using advanced numerical and analytical methods, validated by experimental testing. A key motivation for this research is structural integrity assessment.

Within the broad area of solid mechanics, the main interests of the group are composite materials, adhesive joints, residual stress, non-destructive testing, fracture, fatigue and tribology. The Solid Mechanics group is the largest research group within the Department with eight members of academic staff. The group has formed a number of strong relationships with other UK Universities, Overseas Universities and industry.

Four-point bend test

Four-point bend test

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