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SPAIS Gender Research Centre

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The SPAIS Gender Research Centre recognises the persistent gender inequalities that exist both in the UK and around the world; we seek to identify, analyse, and ultimately challenge and renegotiate gender power relations. Our understanding of gender is relational, with attention to femininities, masculinities, and sexualities, and to the intersections that mediate sexual and gender identities and hierarchies. 
In short, we aim to make the SPAIS Gender Research Centre at Bristol the 'go to' place for politically  and sociologically informed internationally recognized, agenda-setting gender research for academics and students, government, civil society, the media and wider public.
Research Strands:
  1. Theorizing Gender: feminist theory; femininities and masculinities, gender identities; equality; 
  2. Re-gendering Political Power: participation and representation; electoral politics, women’s and men’s movements; social movements and global politics; IR theory and practice; security;  
  3. Families and Relationships: parenting (fathering and mothering); family policy; care; migration; intimacy; theory.
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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
8 Priory Road
United Kingdom