Specialist Research Institutes

Research Output


Generator Configuration for Energy Generation from Natural Fluid Flow

Mellor, P., Booker, J. D. & Wrobel, R., 10 Sep 2008, Patent No. GB2447283-A

Research output: Patent


Control surface mechanism for device or airfoil snaps between stable positions

Daynes, S., Weaver, PM. & Potter, KD., 20 Feb 2009, Patent No. US12/706829

Research output: Patent


A material, devices and structures including a material, and a method of forming a material

Daynes, S. & Weaver, PM., 14 Oct 2010, Patent No. GB1017371.4

Research output: Patent

Shape memory polymer actuator and methods for control

Takashima, K., Rossiter, JM., Mukai, T., Kaku, S. & Hashimoto, K., 2010, Patent No. 2010-011102

Research output: Patent


A wind turbine blade having a flap

Daynes, S. & Weaver, PM., 2 Feb 2011, Patent No. DK70059

Research output: Patent

Tow placement apparatus and methods. GB1111702.5

Kim, B. C., Potter, K. D. & Weaver, P. M., 24 Aug 2011

Research output: Patent


Rajasekaran, R., Scarpa, FL., Evans, K. E., C W, S. & Miller, W., 2011, Patent No. EP2011/051790

Research output: Patent


A Laminated composite structure and related method - Part 1

Yasaee, M., Lycett, A. & Backhouse, R., 29 Jan 2014, (Accepted/In press) Patent No. GB1322274.0

Research output: Patent

A Laminated composite structure and related method - Part 2

Yasaee, M. & Lycett, A., 29 Jan 2014, (Accepted/In press) Patent No. GB1322275.7

Research output: Patent

A Reinforcing pin for a laminated composite structure and related methods

Yasaee, M., 29 Jan 2014, (Accepted/In press) Patent No. GB1322276.5

Research output: Patent

Delamination measurement for composite structures - Method 1

Zhang, B. & Allegri, G., Oct 2014, (Accepted/In press) Patent No. EP15184461.0, US 14/848,996

Research output: Patent

Wireless earthquake alarm based on MEMS accelerometers

Zeng, T., Zhang, B., Zheng, H. & Deng, J., Apr 2014, Patent No. US 8686850 B2, CN 101996470 A, WO 2011017950 A1

Research output: Patent


Delamination measurement for composite structures - Method 2

Zhang, B., Jul 2015, (Accepted/In press) Patent No. GB1511686.6

Research output: Patent


Continuous Wound Composite Truss Structures

Woods, B., Berry, B. & Staynychyi, V., 6 Sep 2016, Patent No. US 9,435,060, Priority date 1 May 2012, Priority No. No. 61/641,153

Research output: Patent


Method and device for detecting a smoking gesture

Skinner, A., Stone, C. J., Doughty, H. & Munafo, M., 3 Aug 2017, IPC No. A61B 5/11, World Intellectual Property Organisation, Patent No. WO 2017/129946, 18 Jan 2017, Priority date 26 Jan 2016, Priority No. 1601342.7

Research output: Patent