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The Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information

Organisational unit: Research Grouping

  1. QuPIC: Quantum Technology Capital: Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits

    Thompson, M. G., O'Brien, J. L., May, D., Cryan, M. J., Marshall, G., Kling, L., Murray, W. A., Sahin, D., Barreto, G. H., Coimbatore Balram, K. & Jiang, P.


    Project: Research, Parent

  2. Protolife-inspired materials chemistry

    Mann, S.


    Project: Research

  3. Programme Grant: Engineering Photonic Quantum Technologies.

    Rarity, J., O'Brien, J. L., Thompson, M. G., Erven, C., Sahin, D., Marshall, G., Barreto, G. H., Jiang, P., Mccutcheon, W. D., Silverstone, J. W., Sinclair, G. F., Kling, L., Banerjee, A., Wang, J., Santagati, R., Borghi, M., Woodland, E. M., Mawdsley, H. C. M. & Faruque, I. I.


    Project: Research, Parent

  4. New Frontiers in Aerosol Measurements

    Royall, C. P. & Reid, J. P.


    Project: Research

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