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Professor A G OrpenB.Sc.(CapeT.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, New Campus Development

Guy Orpen

Professor A G OrpenB.Sc.(CapeT.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, New Campus Development

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Research interests

One of the great challenges in chemistry is understanding the link between the structures of molecules and their properties and activity. The ability to design chemical compounds for effect remains a central but unfulfilled ambition. Modern chemistry rests on knowledge of the structures of the molecules and solids that make up the world around us. The key to understanding the behaviour of a compound lies in knowing its shape at the molecular level, understanding why it has that shape and how its shape and properties may be exploited.

I am interested in the study of the geometry and properties of molecules in crystals by crystallographic and computational methods and exploiting the knowledge gained by designing and synthesising new molecules and molecular crystals. My interests span the areas below:

  • Synthetic Crystallography / Crystal Engineering. The new chemistry of the solid state: design and synthesis of crystalline materials based on metal complexes with novel structures, properties and functions including reactivity.
  • Structural Systematics / Ligand Design. The science of analysis of collections of computational and structural data: knowledge and databases, statistical methods and computational chemistry to assess theories, analyse structures and derive quantitative structure -property relationships. Designing ligands to control molecular properties.
  • Crystal Structure Analysis Structure determination by state-of-the-art single crystal X-ray methods.

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Postal address:
Beacon House
Queens Road
United Kingdom

Selected research outputs

  1. Published

    Mechanochemistry: opportunities for new and cleaner synthesis

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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  3. Published

    Crystal engineering of lattice metrics of perhalometallate salts and MOFs

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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