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Research interests

My PhD focuses on the use of Cicero by authors in the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. and the role education played in these engagements. My research encompasses many topics such as Cicero’s works, ancient education, Early Christian education and the study of rhetoric, dialectic, and grammar (commonly referred to as the Trivium). My broader interests are ancient pedagogical practices, the relationship between Christian and Pagan authors, and the transmission and survival of Latin texts from antiquity to the Middle Ages.  


Before the PhD., I completed a BA in Classical and Historical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. For this degree, I focused predominantly on Athenian grave stelae outside Athens. I was awarded the Ian Sanders Honours Prize in Classical Archaeology. I then completed an MA in Medieval History at the University of Sheffield where I specialised in the reception of Cicero from the fourth century to the ninth century A.D. 


Teaching Experience

  • I have taught from 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 on the unit titled ‘Sculpture’.

Public Lectures

I have held public lectures on my research subject at Bristol Central Library.

  • ‘Knowledge at Vivarium: An Early Monastic Library’. (October 2022)
  • ‘The Roman Schoolroom: Learning in Ancient Rome and Late Antiquity’. (February 2023) 


I have volunteered through the years at museums and libraries.

  • Bristol Central Library- Special Collections Sunday: Botanical Books (June 2023)
  • Bristol Central Library- Special Collections Sunday: Medieval Manuscripts (March 2023)
  • Bristol Central Library- Special Collections Sunday: Early Printed Books (February 2023)
  • Museums Sheffield (2017-2019)


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