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My research sits at the intersection of ethnomusicology and composition, with particular focuses on Western composition in the 20th and 21st centuries and the musics of the global African diasporas. Often this work adopts the lens of decolonization, working to confront systems of knowledge that erase, restrict, or marginalize the perspectives and influence of subaltern groups. Crucially, I centre this work largely in the former metropoles and settler-colonial nations where the need for decolonization is less understood.

As a composer, I am interested in Western contemporary styles and techniques, technology and multimedia (especially sampling), vocal music (solo and ensemble), improvisation-as-composition, cyclical and beat-driven musics, and music production. As a listener, my interests range far beyond these more scholarly pursuits. Practice as research is an important part of my work as well. 

My thesis focuses on the intersection of Black music as a concept and music composition as a practice. Using decolonial theory as its primary lens (specfically Aníbal Quijano's coloniality and Walter Mignolo's colonial matrix of power), the thesis addresses paradigmatic issues in music composition: what music composition 'is,' who gets to be a 'composer,' and how this affects what is understood as 'compositional' knowledge. In particular, I focus on this intersection wtihin the context of the university, as it represents a significant repository for compositional knowledge (as well as a locus of decolonial critique). In two case studies at English universities, interviews were conducted with staff and students on their understandings of decolonization (as well as adjacent ideas like diversity) and how this impacts their understanding of composition (as both composer-teachers and practicing composers themselves).

Besides this, my other reseach interests include: instrumental hip-hop, music pedagogy (especially in universities), postcolonial studies, popular music studies (particularly its compositional techniques), and linguistics and language studies.

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  • Centre for Black Humanities
  • Decolonisation


  • Music composition
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Music and race
  • Music production


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