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Dr Alexandra C HoareBA Hons (McM.), PhD (Tor.)


Alexandra Hoare

Dr Alexandra C HoareBA Hons (McM.), PhD (Tor.)


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Research interests

My research focuses primarily on issues of identity in early modern art, with a special emphasis on seventeenth-century Italy. I am particularly interested in aspects of the artist’s private life and professional activity, concepts of intellectual property, iconographic novelty and obscurity, ideologies and discourses of gender, and the development of the artistic and literary genres of portraiture, self-portraiture, biography and autobiography. I promote an interdisciplinary form of art history that considers research conducted in other fields of study, particularly the social sciences.

My current research projects include:

Two recent publications (Harvey Miller Publishers, 2018) on the painter and satirist Salvator Rosa (1615-1673). The first reassesses the significance of Rosa’s identity and professional achievements in connection with friendship. The second is a two-volume publication that comprises the first comprehensive English translation and critical edition of Rosa’s letters, which now number over four-hundred.

A forthcoming article on the role of touch in the early modern concept of intellectual property among artists.

A planned collaborative conference and book project on the phenomenon of artistic autonomy.


1.36, 11 Woodland Rd

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Research Supervision

I have recently supervised a doctoral project on the subject of court fashion and identity in sixteenth-century Spain and England, and am currently co-supervising a doctoral project on the impact of Counter Reform regulations and theory on images of the Annunciation. I welcome proposals from students working on early modern (fifteenth- through seventeenth-century) art history, particularly (though not exclusively) European topics that explore aspects of the social and intellectual dimensions of art and artistic identity, as well as topics related to the research interests outlined above.


My current teaching at Bristol includes all levels of the degree, from the first year introductory units and Approaching the Object to the second year and third year lecture and seminar units (eg. Baroque Art, Architecture and Urbanism, Caravaggio, Copies and Originals, Self-Portraiture), to the MA programme and the supervision of PhD students. My own teaching includes units on  seventeenth-century painting, the phenomena of copying and originality, self-portraiture, art and theatre, and early modern architecture. I am also currently the director for the History of Art MA programme.

Selected Publications


Salvator Rosa, Friendship and the Free Artist in Seventeenth-Century Italy (London and Turnhout: Harvey Miller Publishers, 2018).

The Letters of Salvator Rosa, 2 vols. (London and Turnhout: Harvey Miller Publishers, 2018).

Historical notes for: Anne Summerscale, Carlo Cesare Malvasia’s Felsina Pittrice. Lives of the Bolognese Painters, vol. 13, Domenichino and Francesco Gessi, edited by Elizabeth Cropper and Lorenzo Pericolo. CASVA, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. (Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2013).


'Salvator Rosa’s Allegory of Philosophy as Ut Pictura Rhetorica: Eloquent Gesture and the Pursuit of Artistic Decorum', in Art History: Journal of the Association of Art Historians (December 2013)

'Salvator Rosa and the Accademia dei Percossi,' in Salvator Rosa e il suo tempo, 1615- 1673, edited by Sybille Ebert-Schifferer, Helen Langdon and Caterina Volpi. Acts of the international conference held at the Biblioteca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte), Rome, January 12-13 2009 (Rome: Campisano, 2010), pp. 33-42.

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