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Dr Amy EdwardsBA(Birm.), MA(Birm.)

Lecturer in Modern British History

Amy Edwards

Dr Amy EdwardsBA(Birm.), MA(Birm.)

Lecturer in Modern British History

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Office: Room G.10, 71 Cotham Hill


Twitter: @aedwards_hist

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Research Interests:

I am a social, cultural and political historian of twentieth century Britain, with particular research interests in Thatcherism, neoliberalism, enterprise culture, consumerism, and political ideologies. I am especially interested in interrogating the blurred boundaries between the economic, political, social and cultural life in contemporary societies.

My current project explores popular investment cultures in 1980s Britain. I utilise the concept of 'financial consumerism' to trace the intersection between post war consumer society and the growth of the financial service sector in late-twentieth century Britain. This research explores a history of financial neoliberal reform in Britain which pushes beyond a framework dominated by Thatcherism and the Conservative Party. Instead I am interested in institutions, organisations, and actors external to the Conservative Party that contributed to the development of an investment culture characterised by mass consumption and which legitimised the advent of free market financial capitalism. 

For my new project I explore the history of enterprise culture in twentieth century Britain. This involves a study of 'enterprise' and 'entrepreneurs' in culture, politics, in industry and in education. The first stages of this project trace the history of Britain's Business Schools and business franchises in the twentieth century, looking at how they both reflected and shaped understandings of business, finance and enterprise in post-war Britain. 



I teach at all levels of our undergraduate degree, from our first and second year units 'Approaching the Past', 'Rethinking History', and 'History in Public', to the supervision of dissertations. My past and current teaching has included social activism in post-war Britain, humanitarianism and humanitarian non-governmental organisations, Britain's Cold War, British culture in the 1980s, Thatcherism, and enterprise culture in contemporary Britain and America.

Examples of previously supervised dissertation and MPhil topics:

  • The Cambridge Spy Ring
  • Fatherhood in 1950s London
  • Charitible giving in post war Britain
  • Anti-fascism in post war Britain
  • Maculinities in British punk
  • Thatcherism, entrepreneurialism and rave culture
  • Fashion and the gendering of Margaret Thatcher
  • The role of the media in the 1975 European referendum
  • The NEDC and Conservative Party industrial planning
  • Housing policy, the 'Right to Buy', and local politics in Sheffield
  • Entrepreneurialism and masculinity in 1980s Britain




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