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Mr Andrew C DwyerBA

Research Associate

Andrew Dwyer

Mr Andrew C DwyerBA

Research Associate

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External positions

Research Affiliate at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, University of Oxford

Research interests

For my current project - "Software Developers’ Everyday Practices: Exploring How Security ‘Works’" - please visit the project webpage here

Andrew's interests in cybersecurity cut across (critical interpretations and approaches to) computer science, geography, and international relations. Primarily he has pursued this interest through (auto)ethnographic research ranging from malware analysis and detection and more recently to software development. 

For his DPhil (PhD) research, Andrew was based at the University of Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment developing a project on malicious software through the construct of "malware ecologies". This drew upon a range of concepts from geography and computer science to explore how we interact with malware through analysis, detection, and curation into broader domains of international relations and public knowledge. This was in order to question the role of (more-than-)human interactions with technology and how malware is active participant and negotiator of security.

A summary of interests include:

  • Critical perspectives on cyberspace and cybersecurity
  • Exploring how people work with, and understand, computational securities
  • Postcolonial and queer approaches to understanding, conceptualising, and practicing security
  • Malicious software and computational agency

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Postal address:
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom