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Dr Andrew D DavidsonPhD, B.Sc (Hons)

Reader in Systems Virology

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  1. 2019
  2. Published

    LEF-1 drives aberrant β-catenin nuclear localization in myeloid leukemia cells

    Morgan, R., Ridsdale, J., Payne, M., Heesom, K., Wilson, M. C., Davidson, A., Greenhough, A., Davies, S., Williams, A., Blair, A., Waterman, M. L., Tonks, A. & Darley, R., 1 Jul 2019, In : Haematologica. 104, 7, p. 1365-1377 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Published

    A Modular Vaccine Platform Combining Self‐Assembled Peptide Cages and Immunogenic Peptides

    Morris, C., Glennie, S., Lam, H., Baum, H., Kandage, D., Williams, N., Morgan, D., Woolfson, D. & Davidson, A., 21 Feb 2019, In : Advanced Functional Materials. 29, 8, 12 p., 1807357.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Published

    Inflammatory Mediators in the Mesenteric Lymph Nodes, Site of a Possible Intermediate Phase in the Immune Response to Feline Coronavirus and the Pathogenesis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis?

    Malbon, A. J., Meli, M. L., Barker, E. N., Davidson, A. D., Tasker, S. & Kipar, A., Jan 2019, In : Journal of Comparative Pathology. 166, p. 69-86 18 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. 2018
  6. Published

    Assessment of the red blood cell proteome in a dog with unexplained hemolytic anemia

    Black, V. L., Heesom, K., Whittington, F., Davis, S., Tasker, S., Adamantos, S. E. & Davidson, A. D., 1 Sep 2018, In : Veterinary Clinical Pathology. 47, 3, p. 377-385 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. Published

    Development of a chimeric Zika vaccine using a licensed live-attenuated flavivirus vaccine as backbone

    Li, X. F., Dong, H. L., Wang, H. J., Huang, X. Y., Qiu, Y. F., Ji, X., Ye, Q., Li, C., Liu, Y., Deng, Y. Q., Jiang, T., Cheng, G., Zhang, F. C., Davidson, A. D., Song, Y. J., Shi, P. Y. & Qin, C. F., 14 Feb 2018, In : Nature Communications. 9, 11 p., 673.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. 2017
  9. Published

    KIR2DS2 recognizes conserved peptides derived from viral helicases in the context of HLA-C

    Naiyer, M. M., Cassidy, S. A., Magri, A., Cowton, V., Chen, K., Mansour, S., Kranidioti, H., Mbirbindi, B., Rettman, P., Harris, S., Fanning, L. J., Mulder, A., Claas, F. H. J., Davidson, A. D., Patel, A. H., Purbhoo, M. A. & Khakoo, S. I., 15 Sep 2017, In : Science Immunology. 2, 15, eaal5296.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  10. Published

    BASP1 interacts with estrogen receptor α and modifies the tamoxifen response

    Marsh, L., Carrera, S., Shandilya, J., Heesom, K., Davidson, A., Medler, K. F. & Roberts, S., 11 May 2017, In : Cell Death and Disease. 8, 5, 10 p., e2771.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  11. Published

    Proteomics Informed by Transcriptomics for Characterising Active Transposable Elements and Genome Annotation in Aedes Aegypti

    Maringer, K., Yousuf, A., Heesom, K., Fan, J., Lee, D., Fernandez-Sesma, A., Bessant, C., Matthews, D. & Davidson, A., 19 Jan 2017, In : BMC Genomics. 18, 18 p., 101.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  12. Published

    Proteomics technique opens new frontiers in mobilome research

    Davidson, A., Matthews, D. & Maringer, K., 2017, In : Mobile Genetic Elements. 7, 4, p. 1-9 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  13. 2016
  14. Published

    Molecular determinants of plaque size as an indicator of dengue virus attenuation

    Goh, K. C. M., Tang, C. K., Norton, D., Gan, E. S., Tan, H. C., Sun, B., Syenina, A., Yousuf, A., Ong, X. M., Kamaraj, U. S., Cheung, Y. B., Gubler, D. J., Davidson, A., St John, A. L., Sessions, O. M. & Ooi, E. E., 17 May 2016, In : Scientific Reports. 6, 11 p., 26100.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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