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Dr Anna C HorlestonMSc, PhD(Bristol)

Research Associate

Anna Horleston

Dr Anna C HorlestonMSc, PhD(Bristol)

Research Associate

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Research Associate - SEIS-UK, Univ Leicester, University of Leicester, Dept Geol

1 Apr 200431 Jan 2009

Research interests

I am a seismologist with several years experience in broadband seismology managing deployments in locations all over the world. I have performed passive and controlled source field work and have been invovled with projects monitoring features including glaciers, volcanoes, subduction zones, passive basins and oil and gas drilling. My interests lie in seismic instrumentation, network management and data interpretation.

Having recently worked on the BEIS-funded, BGS-led Environmental Monitoring Project for the Vale of Pickering and Lancashire, I have turned my focus off-world and am now working on the NASA InSight Mission to Mars.

InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a Mars Lander, launching on May 5th 2018, and arriving on Mars on November 26th 2018. It will deploy a seismic station on the surface of Mars, containing both broadband and short period sensors. The lander also has a heat flow and thermal properties probe that will hammer its way down into the Martian regolith as well as a suite of auxiliary geophysical instruments. We will be looking for tectonic and impact events and aim to determine the structure of Mars and improve our understanding of planetary formation. Please see the NASA website for more information

I am also interested in outreach and was awarded a Royal Society Partnership Grant in 2013 to help run a series of workshops with Birdwell Academy (Primary school), Bristol and more recently have worked with @-Bristol science centre to develop a workshop on seismicity and risk sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineers.

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